Idaho Digital Learning Courses

Idaho Digital Learning offers more than 165 rigorous online courses, each taught by a highly-qualified teacher.

Cohort Classes
  • Courses are offered in 9, 12 or 16 week sessions with scheduled beginning and ending dates.
  • During each semester there are various start dates to accommodate districts using a semester or trimester schedule.
  • An online Cohort orientation must be completed in order to take an Idaho Digital Learning course. Learn about orientation »
  • In addition to core and elective classes, Advanced Placement and dual credit courses are available. Learn about AP/DC courses »
Flex Classes
  • Flex classes are designed to allow students to work at their own pace to complete course work on their own schedule.
  • These classes are ideal for independent students wanting to start right away or for those wanting to work at a faster (or slower) pace.
  • These classes may be an option for students needing to repeat a failed core course, or accelerate ahead.
  • The course model allows the opportunity for students to skip over pretested course content in which they demonstrate mastery.
  • There are no high-stakes final exam at the end of the course. However, there is a post test at the end of each module, no more than 2 or which are proctored.
  • An online Flex orientation must be completed in order to take an Idaho Digital Learning course. Learn about orientation »

Course Catalog

For specific information about the courses offered by Idaho Digital Learning, visit our course catalog. Along with a course description, you will learn about prerequisites, required course materials and text information.

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Course Calendar

For the dates of the classes, click on our course calendar.

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