Idaho Digital Learning is a catalyst for achievement.

Our mission is to serve the students, school districts, and the State of Idaho by providing high-quality public school education, aligned with state achievement standards, utilizing innovative e-learning methods of delivery.

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Through Idaho Digital Learning's eSolutions and Professional Development programs, IDLA provides training and standards-based opportunities for teachers statewide.

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Idaho Digital Learning: A Leader in eLearning

Idaho Digital Learning is a state-sponsored, accredited online school created to provide students with greater access to a wide variety of courses taught by highly qualified faculty.

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Investing in Idaho futures, today.

Idaho Digital Learning prepares educators to use technology in support of standards-based teaching, student-centered learning, and innovative education methods to effectively teach 21st Century students.

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We connect Idaho K-12 students with opportunity, flexibility, and convenience through digital learning to meet the diverse needs of 21st Century students.

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Idaho Digital Learning: a leader in eLearning.

We are proud to provide Idaho students with the knowledge and skills to succeed. Idaho Digital Learning provides innovative education methods through digital learning, creating access and opportunity for all Idaho students and educators.

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February 2014
Idaho Teens To Learn Digital Game Design as Career Path 
Idaho Teen GameLab to teach Idaho students the art of digital game design and coding in an interactive camp. Idaho students interested in a career in digital gaming and computer programming have the opportunity to participate in the Idaho Teen GameLab (ITGL). ITGL is a six-week, fully online academic camp that provides career exploration in the exciting field of digital game design.
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September 2013
IDLA joins NNU on the Larry Jacobs talk show to discuss the research done on the Blended Learning program.
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May 2013
IDLA Winners Digital Learning Day Video Awards 
We are excited to announce that IDLA has had 3 videos win Idaho Digital Learning Day Awards for showcasing classroom technology innovation.
 Blended Consortium Video
 PreAlgebra Video
 Student Video

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